"I have discovered that humans and plants share secrets. I reveal them."

La Belle Plante

Her secrets

La Belle Plante reveals what you have in common with plants so that you can better understand and cultivate them. She awakens your plant consciousness by revealing plant secrets. Come closer, she whispers one to you: «Plants also secrete the hormone of happiness...»
La Belle Plante offers you plant happiness through its vegetable garden and plant space creations and its gardening workshops.

Her services

La Belle Plante offers optimal eco-friendly solutions for greening your spaces and designing your tailored vegetable gardens, in a way that respects biodiversity(1). She guides you in the creation of your ideal plant spaces and tailor-made vegetable gardens for your home or business.

In addition, La Belle Plante passes on the essentials of conscious and eco-responsible gardening, inspired by permaculture(2), in her gardening workshops. Cultivating with La Belle Plante means developing your plant awareness and respecting biodiversity. Preserving biodiversity means preserving yourself.

(1) The term biological diversity has gradually been transformed into biodiversity. It is a contraction of biological and diversity. It refers to all natural environments (ponds, meadows, forests, oceans, etc.) and all life forms (animals, plants, etc.).
(2) A sustainable culture without chemical inputs, which adapts to the rhythms of plants and local resources.

Her mission

La Belle Plante grew in Ile de France. She is from here and elsewhere. She realises that society rejects difference, yet diversity is vital because it enables greater resilience.

Faced with the standardization of vegetables and fruits, the loss of their nutritional value and genetic heritage, she draws a parallel between humans and plants. She discovers what we have in common with plants, based on science. In the world of plants, diversity is also a strengh.

Thus, she promotes the uniqueness of each species and protects biodiversity. Planting good farmers' seeds helps to preserve it. Plants from these seeds adapt better to new climatic and environmental conditions.

Preserving biodiversity means protecting ourselves, because we are interdependent.

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La Belle Plante

A graduate in gardening and landscaping from the famous Ecole Du Breuil in Paris, she also trained in permaculture, agroecology and organic gardening in France and Asia.

Today she creates ecological vegetable gardens and she brings biodiversity to life and makes it understandable with humour and poetry.


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We are beautiful plants

Sprouted seeds

«Un cours naturel très riche d'enseignements et pratiques. Bravo !»

Frédéric Dubois

«C’était passionnant ! C’était captivant !… Ah oui, c’était génial !»


«Une excellente formation qui permet d’acquérir les rudiments en jardinage (en extérieur comme en intérieur) dans la bonne humeur. Un grand merci !»


«Atelier très riche, j’ai appris beaucoup de choses- beaucoup d’astuces pour planter sur son balcon. Prête pour jardiner.»


«Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces informations pratiques. Il n’y a plus qu’à… J’ai beaucoup aimé également les points communs entre l’être humain et la plante, la neurobiologie des plantes…»


«Merci pour ta patience, et le partage de ta passion. Plein de bonnes idées, de petits secrets de réussite en cadeau. Informations et conseils, sur l’ensemble de la vie des plantes… Merci…»


«Une belle entrée de sujet et des connaissances très instructives. Bravo et merci. Bonne continuation.»


«Super présentation résumée et efficace.»


«Une bonne introduction au jardinage et à la permaculture»


«J’ai beaucoup aimé l'atelier théorique de la belle plante qui a eu lieu le 18 juin 2022 dans un petit square du 18ème et j’ai hâte de participer à un atelier pratique...»

Akria Rebouh

«Great workshop, we discover the secrets of plants, and learn about ourselves as well. A must try!»


«I really enjoyed the workshop. The beautiful plant took us on a journey with plants.»


«Thank you for welcoming the weed that I am! A beautiful moment, full of kindness. Thank you.»


«I found the workshop very interesting. I learned a lot and will continue in the plant world. Thank you.»


«It was a pleasure to be at the opening of the workshop - cool, friendly and relaxing. Thank you.»


«Thank you for this workshop. I like the conviviality and the exchanges about the love of plants. I would like to keep in touch, it is really a pleasure to meet people who have secrets to share about plants.»


«Super gathering. Very nice moment. Thank you La Belle Plante and see you at the next meeting.»


«Super gathering. Very nice moment. Thank you La Belle Plante and see you at the next meeting.»


Sow a seed

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