My beautiful plants and me

The blog of the beautiful plant that talks to beautiful plants

Hello my Beautiful Plants, are you growing well? I consider that we are all beautiful plants. I like to grow lots of beautiful vegetables, fruits, herbs and medicinal plants, which I cultivate in an ecological way that respects the environment and biodiversity.
So I am challenging myself to make every available space edible, from the window box to large gardens, balconies and terraces.
This way, nature is at hand to feed and heal. And at the same time, I act for the good of biodiversity by sowing a good seed (old and/or peasant) and by participating in the cycle of life.
I tell you everything here and share my experiences with you.

La Belle Plante

A graduate in gardening and landscaping from the famous Ecole Du Breuil in Paris, she also trained in permaculture, agroecology and organic gardening in France and Asia.

Today she creates ecological vegetable gardens and she brings biodiversity to life and makes it understandable with humour and poetry.