Her garden designs

La Belle Plante offers her eco-friendly plant creations and eco-friendly vegetable gardens for your home or business(1). She optimises every surface and every support, thus making every space edible. She uses every local resource, and good old or new farmers' seeds(2). So you can produce beautiful aromatic, medicinal or edible plants, and get beautiful fruits and vegetables, wherever you want. And above all, you can enjoy eating what you grow with your own hands. She also shares with you the secrets of permaculture gardening(3). Developing your plant awareness means respecting biodiversity. And preserving biodiversity(4), is preserving yourself.

Her offers adapt to all surfaces and all budgets. They include:

  • An appointment for:
  1. Determining together the varieties of plants, vegetables & fruits to grow according to your wishes
  2. Discussing your ideas, your space’s specificities, your needs to create your ideal green space
  • Advice adapted to your crops and the season
  • The use of noble, natural and local resources
  1. ecological wood varnish
  2. recycled and recyclable wood not chemically treated
  3. ecological seeds - not genetically modified
  4. ecological substrate and compost adapted to ecological agriculture
  5. Vermicompost-based fertilisers and natural disease treatments
  • Transport, preparation time, design and construction time

La Belle Plante cultivates for you

From your plot, life is born

Cultivation in an open ground ‘plot’ designed according to the plants’ association

The garden is composed of natural resources such as: natural trellis, bamboo stakes, compost, mulch, substrate, seedlings or plants depending on the period,..

  • 1m² surface area
  • 6 species of plants
  • 2kgs to 8kgs of harvest
  • 250L of substrate/compost
  • More than 30h or 5 half days of work

You can assist or participate in the creation of this vegetable garden and benefit from a free 2-hour course + 2 face-to-face follow-ups + 2 virtual follow-ups (WhatsApp or Skype).

1 plot = 642€
2 plots = 1200€ (600€/unity)
3 plots(1) = 1650€ (550€/unity)

(1) La Belle Plante offers quotations and price reductions for large surfaces.

From your pots, life is born

Economical above-ground vegetation for individuals or groups of people

You are a group of people and you want to learn and create a vegetable garden the La Belle Plante way. You collect and bring back your containers (pots, tubs, planters, bamboo stakes, etc.).

La Belle Plante greens up your surface and provides:

On a 1.2 yr² surface

  • Substrates + compost (up to 200L)
  • Seeds + plants up to 5 different species
  • Preparation and execution time over 2 half days
  • 1 free course of 1 hour + 1 virtual follow-up (WhatsApp or Skype)

Price: 340€(1)

On a 2.4 yr² surface

  • Substrates + compost (up to 400L)
  • Seeds + plants up to 8 different species
  • Preparation and realisation time over 3 half days
  • 1 free course of 1h + 1 face-to-face follow-up + 1 virtual follow-up (WhatsApp or Skype)

Price: 600€(1)

(1) Additional cost if La Belle Plante takes care of all resources and/or containers. Quote on request.

La Belle Plante designs and manufactures for you

My veggie garden on wheels

  • 246 cm³ of volume
  • 6 species of plants
  • 1kg to 5kgs of crop
  • 170L of substrate/compost
  • More than 22 hours or 4 half days of work
Option: 'Mobility' with built-in wheels

1 veggie garden furniture = 480€
2 veggie garden furnitures = 860€ (430€/unity)
3 veggie garden furnitures = 1140€ (380€/unity)

My veggie garden in a box

Cultivation of varieties of veggies in a wooden organic pallet planter

  • 197 cm³ of volume
  • 6 species of plants
  • 1kg to 5kgs of crop
  • 150L of substrate/compost
  • More than 20 hours or 4 half days of work

Option: 'Mobility' with built-in wheels

1 box = 440€
2 boxes = 800€ (400€/unity)
3 boxes = 1040€ (340€/unity)

Her gardening workshops

You learn the essential of eco-responsible gardening in an original way. You plant a seed and discover the precious life inside it. You also transplant a cutting or seedling of your plant in a pot and discover the secrets that bind you to it. You understand why you are also a beautiful plant, while practicing 'letting go' and plant communication. Learn how to cultivate plants and experience a relaxing and unusual moment of vegetal relaxation(1) at the root of many benefits.

(1) See conditions with La Belle Plante.


  • ‘Accompaniment’: To observe, maintain and ensure the good development of the plants. Regular appointments(1) following the planting of 1 to 2 hours every 7 days (160€ / month) or 10 days (120€ / month)
  • ‘Visit-in-situ’ : 2 hours minimum, 20€ / h
  • ’Renew & rebirth’ : A commitment to new crops at a lower cost with the delivery of substrates, fertilizers (compost), seeds or seedlings and practical advice(1)
  • ‘Vegetable garden’s activities and workshops’: Around your vegetable garden to enhance it(1)

(1) La Belle Plante offers quotations and price reductions for large surfaces.


(1) Setting up a collective vegetable garden for your company or home can also bring your employees or neighbours closer together and strengthen the social link around a gardening activity. La Belle Plante also offers plant decoration for your spaces: railings, windows, balconies, terraces, grounds, shop windows or restaurants. In addition, it organises events around vegetable gardens, and training courses on request.
(2) non-genetically modified, purely natural and reproducible
(3) from a sustainable culture without chemical inputs, which adapts to the rhythms of the plants and to local resources
(4) The term biological diversity has gradually been transformed into biodiversity. It is a contraction of biological and diversity. It refers to all natural environments (ponds, meadows, forests, oceans, etc.) and all life forms (animals, plants, etc.).

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