My beautiful plants and me


Studying botany and the history of plants, I realised that they too had undergone the same eugenic selection as humans. You know, the selection that led to the elimination of "off-types" and the multiplication of "elite individuals". According to extreme eugenic anthropologists and botanists, they had to be classified in the catalogu of species and varieties to ensure a more standardised and homogeneous gene pool.

Many species and varieties became extinct and humans were programmed and domesticated to think and act in the same way, for the part of them that managed to survive wars, genocides and tortures.

However, when we look at nature and what surrounds us, we realise that it is biodiversity that maintains a certain balance. By biodiversity I mean the "diversity of life" to which we belong. It allows each species to enrich itself with the properties and qualities of others in order to cooperate with each other to adapt and survive new environmental and climatic conditions, and to improve its gene pool. It is biologically proven.

Furthermore, I learned that plants are not inert, immobile plants. They are extremely intelligent and deploy fabulous survival strategies. You can't imagine how much we have in common with them. They fascinate me.

In this category #nous_sommes_des_belles_plantes, I honor all the properties and qualities of each of us that allow us to maintain our balance while cultivating difference. Like the labelling of plants with their names (common and Latin), I have potted and labelled beautiful human varieties for you to discover here.

La Belle Plante

A graduate in gardening and landscaping from the famous Ecole Du Breuil in Paris, she also trained in permaculture, agroecology and organic gardening in France and Asia.

Today she creates ecological vegetable gardens and she brings biodiversity to life and makes it understandable with humour and poetry.